Friday, May 16, 2014

Stop All That Waxing! Give Me a Tight Pussy

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I really don’t have anything against the fashion and the way women are taking care of themselves. I know that it takes a lot of time and energy to look great and it also goes for grooming the privates. When you watch porn movies, other than tight pussy, you get to see all sorts of vaginas and most of them are perfectly shaved, waxed and they seem like nothing ever grew on them. When I say that, of course, I am talking about the hair. Furthermore, Asian pussy never seems like it has anything to do with a bush. Perhaps, it is just me, but I don’t like that.

I don’t like to fuck a big pussy and my preference are those tight slits that wrap around my cock and fit perfectly. I hear that there is something called labioplasty and that women actually have surgeries that make their vaginas look younger, tighter and they remove the excess of their labia if those women don’t like the way their twat looks. I’m not sure what to make of it and I feel that it is a bit too much, but let’s say that it is not worse than having a boob job or a nose job. However, I don’t like those either.

But, to get back to the issue at hand. Waxing everything down South. The only time I feel like it is a good idea is when I want to enjoy licking and eating a girl's cunt. I admit, I like it all clean in that case. However, I it has to be without a single hair, then I prefer it shaved. For me teenage pussy is a dream come true. It signifies that it is a full grown woman who is not a prepubescent child in front of me. Therefore, when the twat is shaved, at least, you can see some residues of hair or even feel some of it growing back on. Some dudes say it itches them while they fuck such a cunt, but I don’t find any problems there. If you ask me, a finely trimmed slit is just perfect. Then it doesn’t resemble the sandpaper, as the bush is bigger and softer and it seems somewhat groomed and taken care of, if that is your concern.

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I don’t have much to say about the size. People and scientists say that the slit has its own elasticity and that it closes around any dick. Therefore, if you listen to them, you can imagine that it is all the same when it comes to cunt size. But I don’t feel that way. I think that in time, it can lose its elasticity and that is just becomes too loose. You may want to make it a bad remark on my dick size, but it’s just the way it is. This is true, especially for those twats that have had given birth. Once a baby’s head goes through there, it is really hard to get the whole thing to come back to its original shape and size.

So, when I think about a perfect slit for my dick, I often compare them to fruit. Let’s imagine for a second that a nice, fig is a great illustration for a grown up vagina. It is delicious and has a lovely shape and it is sweet and filled with ripe, honey like juices. However, when I think ‘tight’, I think more about a lovely apricot. Its size and it’s shape resemble the slit I’d like to fill with mu boner. It has amazing scent, just enough light juice and it is cute and inviting. Give it a hair or two on the side and I am all in. Therefore, ladies, stop with all that waxing, shaving and altering of your privates. It is what it is. Groom it a bit and let it be. And don’t forget – use it as much as possible. I prefer it this way, but it doesn't mean that all men do. We all have our taste and that is the best thing about sex anyway. Don't forget to check that tight pussy at!